Timber Workshops

Strong Timber Workshops

A true heavy duty garden workshop will have 3 x 2 ( 75 x 50mm ) framing and at least 22mm thick T+G boards to make it strong .

Do not be fooled by cheap adds you see on the net which advertise what appear to be cheap timber workshops – when in fact they are only normal light weight sheds re named to try and convince you they have a good deal .

It is a bit like saying a car is a wagon ?

So to the point ! if you are looking for a proper true hear duty workshop then you have found the right supplier.

Made to measure Workshops

We can make you any size or shape timber workshop to suit your needs from our Liverpool factory .Make to your exact needs and erect it in your garden for an all inclusive price .

You are only limited by your imagination and how much money you have to to spend !

Traditional Apex Workshops

These are the most popular type of workshop we manufacture available in standard  widths from 6ft / 8ft / 10ft and 12ft wide and virtually any length .

All our standard workshop designs are planning compliant meaning they are under 2.5m max height .This subject to a max size of 30 sq m will allow you to have a workshop with little hassle.

Pent – Flat Roof Workshops

Less popular that the traditional Apex Timber Workshop , but in certain locations can be very effective . The one major issue is to ensure a top grade durable roofing covering is used on this sort of building .

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