Planning Permission

Planning Permission For Sheds

Yes believe it or not there is a set of regulations that cover Garden Sheds and Garden Buildings generally.

Don’t Panic

90% of the time these rules and regulations will not effect you in any way .

The only issues you have is if you want a building or any discrimination more than 8ft tall with 2m of ANY boundary at the rear of your property . No matter how much land you have !

You can erect taller buildings as long as you have them more than 2m from any boundary – up to 3.6m

You CAN NOT put any sort of building up in front of your property with out Planning Permission . You will need to go to the Governments – Planning Portal web site for more information on this subject .

Want to Sleep in a Building

Then you have another whole different set of issues to deal with . It makes no difference to us as manufactures and we do not make the rules only advice you of them . We will make you nay building for any use , but is up to YOU to ensure it meets any rules or regulations .