Pent Sheds

Pent – Single Sloping Roof Sheds

The least popular shed and shed supplier provides ! Why ?

Well how many flat roof houses do you see ? Not many .

The reasons are very simple, unless to are prepared to spend a bit extra money on having a premium , torch on roofing felt . Something that has been heat sealed on to the roof . You are only asking for trouble in the long term .

Why – well most roofing felts only overlap which allows the water to flow over any joints . Great with a traditional Apex roof where you have a very steep slope either side .

What happens is because the angle is very shallow around 3 to 5 inch depending on the width of the pent shed , during very windy spells water can be blown back under these joints . So it is all down to money in the end ! but in these day and age where most people want things a cheap as possible , this is the price you have to pay for short cuts.

Every thing is down to money nowadays, a bit like buying a phone ! a £15 Tesco job will not be as good as a £300 I Phone but they are both phones .

Our Advise On Pent Sheds

Unless you have no other option it is always advisable to go for an apex roof .

Yes we are aware in certain positions this will not be possible and your only option will be a Pent ( Single Sloping ) roof shed or workshop .

As we have no control over wind conditions and the likes , it will be up to you to ensure the building is not going to be placed in a position that will allow bad weather to effect the roof covering . Or up grade to a *commercial torch on roof covering 

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