Dutch Barns

Dutch Barn Sheds

Traditional in looks and design these modern Dutch Barn Sheds simply look that little bit better than a normal Apex Roof Shed.

Yes they are a little more expensive , but as with any thing in life if it looks nice it usually cost more .

8 x 8 dutch barn shed image

8 x 8 Dutch Barn with optional extra wide stable doors

This images show a typical small Dutch Barn Shed . You will not the sides ( eves ) are slightly lower than a normal Apex Shed to allow for the odd angles needed on the roof and to keep it under planning regs ( 2.5m ) 8ft max height.

This does have its issues in you require or need the door to be fitted in the side walls ( eves ) . It is possible but you would be required to duck low to get in .

The only other option you have is to move the Barn Shed more than 2 m from any boundary on your property , which will then allow you to have a much taller building .  Check out Planing Regulations here


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