Apex Sheds

Apex Roof Sheds

The most popular garden shed  and shed manufacture or supplier will ever sell !

By far the most practical and easy to site and use shed 90% of sale are made up of this deign of  roof .

apex roof sheds

This images shows the most popular 8ft x 6ft Apex shed any shed supplier in the UK will sell .

The door is sited in the narrowest apex ( pointed ) section with a window in one of the side wall ( eves ) . All our buildings have the option  of with or without windows at the same price .

Where security is an issue , it may be more practical to have no windows . This can be done at no extra cost if you request it.

Taller Apex Sheds

We also offer a range of taller apex roof sheds known as HiPex ( higher apex ) rarther than the eves ( sides) being 5ft 6in with the normal basic apex shed . The sides are 6ft 4 in on this taller range which will allow for the door to be sites in any section of the shed .


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